How Do I Open a Browser in Figma?

Opening a browser within Figma can be a great way to quickly access the web for research or inspiration. It’s also helpful for quickly referencing online resources such as images, tutorials, or helpful articles.

The browser can be accessed from anywhere inside the Figma workspace and is fully integrated with other tools like Libraries, Typography, and Color.

To open the browser window in Figma, first click on the “View” tab on the left side of your workspace. Then click on “Open Browser Window” which is located at the top right of your workspace.

A new window will appear with a URL bar that you can type in any website address you need to access.

Once the page is loaded, you can interact with it as if you were using an actual web browser. You can click and drag elements to resize them or use shortcut keys to navigate around the page quickly. You can also use tools like Libraries, Typography and Color to customize any elements you find online.

The browser window in Figma also has additional features such as syncing with other applications like Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari. This allows users to easily switch between different browsers without having to leave their workspace. It also supports bookmarking of websites so users can save their favorite pages for easy access.

Conclusion: Opening a browser within Figma is an incredibly convenient way for designers to quickly reference online resources without leaving their workspace. By using shortcuts and bookmarking websites, users can save time while being able to customize elements they find on the web right within their own software.