How Do I Open a Figma File in Linux?

Figma is a powerful vector-based design platform that allows developers and designers to collaborate on projects in real-time. It’s quickly become the go-to tool for many teams due to its intuitive, user-friendly interface and its ability to be accessed from any device, operating system or browser.

But what if you’re a Linux user? Can you still access Figma files on your machine?

The short answer is yes! You can open Figma files in Linux with a few simple steps.

To get started, you’ll need to download the Figma Desktop application for Linux which is available for free on their website. Once downloaded, you’ll be able to open any Figma file directly from your computer – no more relying on a web browser or uploading and downloading files manually.

Once the Desktop application has been installed, it’s time to open the file. Simply double click on the file or drag it into the desktop app window to launch it. This will bring up the entire Figma project as well as all of its layers and components so that you can begin editing or collaborating with other users right away.

If you’re using an older version of Linux, you may need to download an older version of the Figma Desktop app in order for it to work properly. The current version of the app requires Ubuntu 14.04 or newer, but there are still versions available for older operating systems such as Fedora 20 and CentOS 6.5

It should also be noted that while you can open and view existing projects in Linux, there are some features that won’t be available such as creating new project files from scratch or exporting designs as pdfs or images. However, these features are still accessible through other platforms such as MacOS and Windows so if you need these features, simply switch over to one of those systems instead.

In conclusion, opening Figma files in Linux is possible with the help of the free desktop application available on their website. While certain features may not be available on older operating systems, most users should have no problem accessing their projects from within this environment as long as they have an updated version of Ubuntu installed alongside their chosen distribution of Linux.