How Do I Organize My Design Files in Figma?

Organizing design files in Figma is essential for efficient workflows and successful projects. Figma is a web-based design and collaboration platform that makes it easy to manage projects, share files, and maintain version control. It’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to organize your design files in an organized fashion.

Figma offers a variety of tools to help you organize your design files. The first step is to create a project folder which will act as the root folder for all of your designs.

This allows you to easily find all of your designs in one place and keeps them organized. You can create subfolders within the project folder for each individual project or task you are working on.

Once you have created your project folders, it’s time to start organizing your individual design files. You can easily drag and drop files from the main window into the correct folders.

You can also create tags for each file, which helps further organize them according to type or purpose. Additionally, you can add comments and notes to any file which is great for communicating with teammates about changes or revisions that need made.

Figma also offers a powerful search feature that allows you to quickly locate any file within your project folder by typing in keywords or phrases related to the file name or content. This makes finding specific files much faster than manually searching through folders and subfolders.

Finally, Figma allows you to share links with teammates so they can quickly access any file in the project folder without needing their own login credentials or having access to the entire project folder structure at once. This makes collaboration easier since everyone has direct access to whatever they need without having to navigate through multiple layers of folders first.


Organizing design files in Figma is essential for efficient workflows and successful projects. With its user-friendly interface, powerful search feature, tagging system, and link sharing capabilities, it’s easy to keep all of your designs organized in a neat and tidy fashion.