How Do I Print My Ticket From Canva?

Printing your ticket from Canva is easier than ever! With their intuitive and user-friendly design, you can customize your ticket and have it ready to print in no time. Here are the steps to take to have your ticket printed:

Step 1: Open the Canva app or log onto the website.

Once you’re logged in, select “Create a Design” and choose “Tickets” from the template options.

Step 2: Customize your ticket

Using the Canva design tools, you can edit any of the text, images, colors and font size until you’re satisfied with how your ticket looks. Once it’s perfect, save it.

Step 3: Choose where to print

Next, you need to decide where to print the ticket. You can either print it yourself or send it off to a professional printing service for a high-quality finish. If you choose to print it yourself, make sure that you have the right type of paper for your printer.

Step 4: Download and print

When you’re ready to download the ticket, select “Download” from the top menu bar. You will then be asked what file format you want – .jpg or .pdf – before being given a download link so that you can save the file onto your computer.

Once downloaded, open up the file and print off as many copies as needed.


Printing tickets from Canva is an easy process that anyone can do in just a few simple steps. With its user-friendly interface and intuitive design tools, customizing and printing tickets has never been easier!