How Do I Resize a Canva Poster for Free?

Resizing a Canva poster for free is an easy way to adjust your design to fit the size and shape requirements of different platforms. Whether you need to resize your poster for a website, social media, or simply for printing, Canva has a powerful and intuitive editor that can make it happen with just a few clicks.

The first step is to open Canva and browse the library of templates. From there, you can select the template that best suits your needs.

After selecting the template, you can customize it with text, images, and other elements. When you’re finished with the design, click on “Download” in the top right corner.

Once you click download, a new window will open where you can select the file type and size of your poster. You have several options to choose from including PNG, JPEG, PDF, and TIFF.

The size options range from small (500×500) up to extra-large (3000×3000). Select the desired size for your poster then click “Download” in the bottom right corner.

Once downloaded, open the file from your computer and use an image editor to make any further adjustments such as cropping or resizing. If you don’t have access to an image editor like Photoshop or Gimp but still need to resize your poster, Canva has a free online editor available at This allows you to adjust your image size without downloading any software.


Resizing a Canva poster for free is easy using Canva’s intuitive design tools and platform-specific templates. You can quickly download an image in various sizes before making any further adjustments using either an image editor or their free online photo resizer.