How Do I Resize a Design in Figma?

When working on any design, it is essential to resize it correctly in order to make sure that the finished product looks great and is easy to use. Figma is a popular design platform for creating and editing designs, and it allows users to easily resize their designs. Resizing a design in Figma can be done quickly and easily with a few simple steps.

Step 1: The first step in resizing a design in Figma is to select the object you would like to resize. To do this, select the object from your layers panel or use the marquee tool to drag over the object.

Step 2: Once you have selected the object you would like to resize, move your mouse cursor over one of the corner points of the selection box and click while holding down your mouse button. This will activate a box with an arrow pointing towards each corner point.

Step 3: To resize your selection, click on one of these arrows and drag it either up or down (depending on which direction you want to resize). You can also click on any of the sides of the selection box and drag them either left or right (again depending on which direction you want to resize).

Step 4: Once you have resized your selection, press enter or click outside of the selection box. Your selection should now be resized according to how much you dragged it. If you find that your selection has not been resized properly, simply undo your changes and try again until you get the desired outcome.

Conclusion: Resizing a design in Figma is quick and easy! By following these four simple steps – selecting an object, activating a box with arrows towards each corner point, dragging an arrow or side in order to resize, and pressing enter or clicking outside of the selection box – users can easily adjust their designs so that they are exactly as desired.