How Do I Resize Media in Canva?

Resizing media in Canva is a great way to make sure your images, videos and GIFs are the right size for your project. Whether you’re creating a marketing campaign, designing a book cover or creating an infographic, having the right sized media can help make your project look professional.

Canva has a variety of tools to help you resize media quickly and easily.

The first step is to select the media file you want to resize. You can do this by clicking on it in the Media Library or by dragging and dropping it into your design. Once you have the media selected, you can resize it using one of three methods: resizing handles, aspect ratio lock or entering exact measurements.

Resizing Handles

Resizing handles allow you to manually adjust the size of an image by dragging and dropping its edges. This is helpful when you want to make subtle changes to an image’s size without affecting its proportions.

To use this method, click on the image and you’ll see eight white circles on its corners and sides. Click on one of these circles and hold down your mouse as you drag it inwards or outwards to resize the image.

Aspect Ratio Lock

The aspect ratio lock allows you to maintain the same proportions when resizing an image. This is helpful if you want an image to fit into a specific area without distorting its shape.

To use this method, click on the chain icon located at the top of your design window when selecting an image. With this enabled, any changes made will maintain their aspect ratio.

Enter Exact Measurements

If you need an exact width or height for an image, entering exact measurements can be helpful. To do so, simply click on the “W” icon located at the top of your design window when selecting an image and enter in either pixels, inches or centimeters depending on which measurement type suits your project best.


Resizing media in Canva is easy with its variety of tools such as resizing handles, aspect ratio lock and entering exact measurements. With these tools at hand, anyone can quickly resize their images with just a few clicks or drags for any kind of project they are working on!