How Do I Save a Canva Video as a GIF?

Canva is a popular online platform that allows you to create and share professional-looking visuals. From infographics to logos, Canva has made it easy for anyone to produce stunning graphics without having to learn any coding or design software.

One of the great features of Canva is the ability to create videos and animations. And one of the most popular ways to share these videos is as GIFs (Graphics Interchange Format).

GIFs are perfect for sharing on social media because they are lightweight, loop automatically, and can be displayed even when someone’s internet connection is slow. So if you’ve created a video in Canva, here’s how you can save it as a GIF:

Step 1:

Start by opening your video project in Canva. You can either create a new project or open an existing project that contains your video.

Step 2:

Once your project is open, click the “Export” button in the top-right corner of the screen. This will bring up a menu with several options for exporting your project, including “GIF”.

Step 3:

Click “GIF” and then select the quality of the GIF you want to export. The higher the quality, the larger file size it will have. Once you have chosen a quality setting, click “Export”.

Step 4:

Your GIF will now begin exporting and should be ready within a few minutes depending on its size and complexity. When it’s finished exporting, you can click “Download” to save it to your computer.


Saving your Canva video as a GIF is an easy process that only takes a few minutes. All you need to do is open your project in Canva, click “Export”, select “GIF” from the menu, choose a quality setting, and then download it when finished exporting.

Once saved on your computer, you can share your GIF with anyone!