How Do I Set Line Height in Figma?

Line height is an essential tool for designers when it comes to making text legible and readable. Line height helps to create a clearer visual hierarchy for readers, which helps to make the text easier to read.

Figma is a powerful design tool that allows designers to create beautiful designs with ease. The software also offers a range of features that allow users to control their line height in their designs.

In Figma, there are two different ways users can control line height for their text. The first way is by selecting the line spacing option in the inspector panel.

This will allow users to adjust the line spacing on all selected lines of text at once. By using this method, users can easily adjust the vertical space between lines of text, which can help make it more readable and visually appealing.

The second way of adjusting line height in Figma is by using the ‘line spacing’ icon located in the top right corner of each text box. This icon allows users to manually adjust their line spacing on individual lines of text they have selected. By doing this, users are able to create more personalized line heights for specific pieces of text or paragraph blocks.

Users also have the ability to control how much space appears between two lines of text when creating multi-line objects such as tables or charts. This can be done by selecting ‘line spacing’ in the inspector panel and then clicking on ‘multi-line’ from the dropdown menu that appears. From here, users can enter a numerical value which will then determine how much space appears between each line of text within the multi-line object they have created.

Finally, Figma also offers users with a range of styling options when it comes to controlling their line height such as font size, font weight and font color. All these options are located within the inspector panel so users can easily make changes without having to redo all their work from scratch again and again!

Overall, Figma provides designers with an easy and straightforward way to control their line height when creating designs in order to make them look more aesthetically pleasing and legible for viewers. With its range of features such as setting individual or global line heights as well as styling options like font size and color – designers are able to create beautiful designs quickly and efficiently!

Conclusion: In conclusion, Figma provides an easy-to-use interface for controlling your line height when creating designs – allowing you to make your text more legible while still maintaining aesthetic appeal! With its range of features such as global and individual settings as well as styling options like font size and color – designers are able to customize their designs quickly and efficiently!