How Do I Share a Canva Template?

Canva is a great online design tool for creating visually appealing and engaging content. It has an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface that makes it simple to create stunning designs in minutes. But what if you want to share your creations with others? Fortunately, Canva makes it easy to share your templates with colleagues, friends, and family.

Here’s how you can share a Canva template:

1. Open the Template

First, open the Canva template you want to share. On the top left corner of the screen, you will see the “Share” button. Click on this button and then select “Share Template” from the dropdown menu.

2. Copy the Link

Once you have clicked on “Share Template”, a link will appear in a pop-up window. Copy this link and then paste it into an email or other form of communication.


Share the Link

Once you have copied the link, send it to those whom you want to share your template with. When they click on this link, they will be taken directly to your Canva template.


Sharing a Canva template is quick and easy! All you need to do is open up your template, click on “Share Template”, copy the link that appears in the pop-up window, and then send it to those whom you want to share your creation with.