How Do I Share My Figma Portfolio?

As a designer, having a portfolio is essential to showcase your work. If you’re using Figma, one of the most popular design tools available, you can use it to create and share your portfolio with the world. Whether you’re looking for freelance work or a job in the design industry, having a Figma portfolio can help you stand out from the competition.

Creating Your Portfolio

The first step to creating and sharing your Figma portfolio is to decide what type of projects and designs you want to showcase. Think about the types of clients you’d like to work with and what kind of designs they need. This will help you decide which projects are most relevant to include in your portfolio.

Once you’ve decided on which projects to include, create a new project in Figma for each one. This will give you a place for all your files related to that project and make it easier for others to view them all in one place. You may also want to add notes and descriptions about each project so that potential employers or clients can get an idea of what went into creating it.

Sharing Your Portfolio

Once your portfolio is ready, it’s time to share it with the world! The simplest way is by sending out links via email or messaging platforms like Slack or WhatsApp. This will allow potential employers or clients to view your work without needing access to Figma itself, although they may need an account if they want to copy any of your designs.

If you have a website, blog or social media accounts, sharing links on those platforms can also be effective for reaching larger audiences and helping boost your visibility as a designer. Additionally, if you have any public projects in Figma, people can always find them by searching their name in the Explore tab.


Sharing your Figma portfolio is an essential part of being an independent designer. Whether you’re looking for freelance work or trying to land a job in the design industry, having a well-crafted portfolio can make all the difference in getting noticed by potential employers or clients. With its easy-to-use tools and wide range of features, Figma makes it simple for designers at any level of experience create their own portfolios and start showcasing their work!