How Do I Teach Canva Online?

Canva is an online graphics tool that allows users to easily design professional-looking images, logos, and graphics without any design experience. With Canva, users can create custom designs for business cards, posters, flyers, and more.

As the popularity of Canva grows and more people are looking to learn how to use the platform, teaching Canva online has become a great way to help others learn how to create stunning visuals with ease.

To get started teaching Canva online, the first step is to become familiar with the Canva platform. This includes learning about the different tools and features available on the platform.

It’s important to understand how each tool works in order to effectively teach others how to use them. Additionally, it’s important for instructors to remain up-to-date on the latest features available on the platform so they can provide their students with the most current information.

Once comfortable with Canva’s features, instructors should create a course outline that covers all of the topics they want their students to learn. This includes creating lesson plans that cover topics such as design basics, branding tools, image editing tools, and more. When creating lesson plans for teaching Canva online courses it’s important for instructors to include hands-on activities that allow students to practice what they have learned.

Instructors should also consider recording video tutorials that walk students through each step of completing a project on Canva. Recording tutorials not only provides visual aids for students who may struggle understanding written instructions but also allows instructors to demonstrate techniques in realtime.

Finding an audience

Once instructors have created their course materials they need an audience in order to teach Canva online successfully. There are many different ways instructors can find students interested in learning how to use Canvas such as promoting their courses on social media channels or marketing through email campaigns.


Teaching Canva online is a great way for experienced designers or those just starting out with design experience alike can help others learn how easy it is create stunning visuals with little effort. By becoming familiar with the features of Canva and creating comprehensive lesson plans along with video tutorials instructors can easily share their knowledge and help others create beautiful designs quickly and easily.