How Do I Transfer XD Project to Figma?

For any designer or user interface developer, the ability to take projects from one platform and transfer them to another is essential. Transferring an XD project to Figma is a relatively easy process and allows users to work on a single project in different platforms.

When transferring an XD project to Figma, the first step is to export the original XD project. To do this, open the XD project and select ‘File’ then ‘Export’.

From here, select the type of file you want your exported project in; this can be either SVG or PDF. Once you select your file type, click ‘Export’ to create your exported file.

The next step is to open up Figma and click ‘Import’ from the File menu. You will then be able to select your exported file from before – select it and click ‘Open’. After importing the file into Figma, you will be able to begin working on it in the platform.

Once imported into Figma, users can use various tools available in the platform such as prototyping, collaborative design tools and more. These tools enable designers and developers alike to improve their workflow when creating digital products.


Transferring an XD Project to Figma is a straightforward process that involves first exporting the original XD Project, then opening up Figma and importing it into the platform. This process allows users to access additional tools available in Figma such as prototyping and collaborative design features which can help improve workflow when creating digital products.