How Do I Turn My Figma Design Into a Website?

Designing a website isn’t easy, especially when you’re starting from scratch. But, with the help of Figma, you can create a comprehensive design for your website quickly and easily.

After you’ve designed your website in Figma, you’ll need to turn that design into a functioning website. Doing so requires coding skills and knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

The first step in turning your Figma design into a website is to export the assets from Figma. This includes all images, icons, and logos that will be used on the site.

These assets should be exported as optimized images with the correct size and resolution for web use. You can also use Figma’s built-in asset export feature to generate optimized images automatically.

Next, you’ll need to write the HTML markup for your site. This involves creating a basic structure of the page with tags such as <header>, <main>, <footer> etc., placing content elements within these tags, and linking them together using hyperlinks or other methods. You should also include meta tags such as <title> and <description> to ensure your site is properly indexed by search engines.

Once you have the basic structure of your site written in HTML, it’s time to start styling it with CSS. CSS is used to tweak elements such as colors, fonts, margins and padding, background images or colors etc., so they match what was designed in Figma as closely as possible.

Finally, if any dynamic or interactive elements are included in your design (such as sliders or forms), then you will need to add some JavaScript code to make them work. JavaScript allows websites to respond dynamically based on user input or other events.


Turning a Figma design into a website requires knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript coding languages. You must export all assets from Figma before writing HTML markup for the page structure and styling it with CSS according to the design created in Figma.

Finally if there are any interactive elements on the page then they must be coded using JavaScript for them to work correctly. With sufficient knowledge of web development technologies and dedication it is possible to turn any design created in Figma into an amazing looking website!