How Do I Turn Off Axes in SketchUp?

Are you tired of seeing those pesky axes cluttering up your SketchUp workspace? Well, you’re in luck! In this tutorial, we will show you how to turn off the axes in SketchUp so you can focus on your design without any distractions.

Step 1: Opening the ‘Axes’ menu

To begin, open SketchUp and navigate to the ‘View’ menu at the top of the application window. Click on ‘Axes’ to reveal a drop-down menu with various options.

Step 2: Disabling the axes

Within the ‘Axes’ drop-down menu, you will notice a checkmark next to ‘Show Axes’. This indicates that the axes are currently enabled.

To turn them off, simply click on ‘Show Axes’ again. The checkmark will disappear, indicating that the axes are now disabled.


  • If you prefer using keyboard shortcuts, you can also press ‘Ctrl + Shift + X’ (Windows) or ‘Cmd + Shift + X’ (Mac) to toggle the visibility of the axes.
  • If you ever want to turn the axes back on, just follow these steps again. Clicking on ‘Show Axes’ in the drop-down menu will enable them once more.

And that’s all there is to it! You have successfully turned off the axes in SketchUp. Now you can work on your designs without any visual distractions.


In this tutorial, we have learned how to disable the axes in SketchUp. By following these simple steps, you can declutter your workspace and focus solely on your design.

Remember that if you ever need to turn them back on, just follow these steps again. Happy designing!