How Do I Unhide a Palette in AutoCAD?

If you’re working with AutoCAD, you may have encountered a situation where a palette mysteriously disappears from your workspace. This can be frustrating, especially if you rely on that particular palette for your workflow.

But fear not! Unhiding a palette in AutoCAD is a quick and easy process.


If you prefer using the command line to execute commands in AutoCAD, here’s how you can unhide a palette:

  1. Open the Command Line: Press “Ctrl” + “9” on your keyboard to open the command line at the bottom of the AutoCAD window.
  2. Type ‘SHOWPALETTES’ and press Enter: In the command line, type ‘SHOWPALETTES’ (without quotes) and hit Enter. This command will display all hidden palettes.
  3. Select the Palette to Unhide: Once all hidden palettes are displayed, look for the one you want to unhide.

    You can identify it by its name or description. Click on it or use its corresponding number or letter key to select it.

  4. Press Enter: After selecting the palette, simply press Enter on your keyboard. The selected palette will now be visible again in your workspace.

Using the Ribbon

If you prefer using visual tools instead of the command line, AutoCAD’s Ribbon interface provides an alternative method to unhide a palette:

  1. Access the Manage Tab: First, navigate to the “Manage” tab in AutoCAD’s Ribbon interface.
  2. Click on “Customization”: Look for the “Customization” panel on the Ribbon and click on it.
  3. Click on “Palettes”: In the “Customization” panel, you’ll find a button labeled “Palettes.” Click on it to open the Palettes window.
  4. Select the Palette to Unhide: In the Palettes window, you’ll see a list of all available palettes.

    Scroll through the list or use the search bar to find the hidden palette you want to unhide.

  5. Click on “Show”: Once you’ve located the hidden palette, click on the “Show” button next to its name. This will unhide the selected palette and make it visible in your workspace again.


In conclusion, unhiding a palette in AutoCAD is a simple process that can be done using either the command line or AutoCAD’s Ribbon interface. By following these steps, you can quickly bring back any hidden palettes and continue working efficiently in AutoCAD.

Remember that different versions of AutoCAD may have minor variations in their user interfaces and commands. However, these general steps should help you navigate through most versions of AutoCAD and unhide any essential palettes that may have vanished from your workspace.