How Do I Upload Photos From iPhone to Canva?

Uploading photos from your iPhone to Canva is an easy way to quickly add them to your design project. Whether you’re making a poster, invitation, or presentation, Canva allows you to quickly and easily add photos straight from your phone.

Canva makes it easy to upload photos from your iPhone with just a few taps. To start, open the Canva app on your phone, and tap the “Create a Design” button.

Then select the type of project you’d like to create, such as a poster or invitation. After that, you’ll be taken to the design page.

From there, tap on the “Uploads” tab at the bottom of the screen. This will bring up a list of options for where you can select pictures from. Tap on “Photos” and then select which album on your iPhone that you would like to upload pictures from.

Once in the album:

You can either select individual pictures by tapping on them one at a time or select multiple photos by pressing and holding one photo until all of your desired images are highlighted. Once you have selected all of the photos you want for your design project, tap on “Done” in the top right corner of the screen.

The selected images will then be uploaded into Canva. You can now use these images in any way you want in your design projects such as adding text or shapes over them or simply using them as background images.


Uploading photos from your iPhone to Canva is an easy process that takes only a few taps. Open up the Canva app and create a design project before selecting where you would like to upload images from (such as Photos). Then select which album contains all of your desired images before tapping “Done” so they can be uploaded into Canva and used in any way desired for your design projects.