How Do I Use ARC Plugin in Figma?

The ARC Plugin in Figma provides users with an easy to use, straightforward solution for creating beautiful arc designs. The plugin allows you to quickly create arcs, rounded corners, and other shapes that would otherwise require tedious manual work. It also offers a variety of customization options, allowing you to adjust the size, radius, and other properties of the arcs you create.

To get started with the ARC plugin in Figma, first open up a new frame or canvas. From the plugins menu on the left side of the interface, select “ARC”.

This will open up a small window that contains all the options available for creating arcs in your design. You can choose between creating curved shapes or rounded corners with different angles and sizes.

Once you’ve selected your desired shape, click “Create” to add it to your design. The ARC plugin automatically adds a layer containing your new arc shape to your frame or canvas. You can then customize its size and radius using the control points located around its perimeter.

You can also adjust the color of your arc by selecting it in the layers panel and going to “Fill” under the “Styles” tab at the top of Figma’s interface. Here you have access to all sorts of colors and shades that can be used to give your arc design an extra bit of flare.

The ARC plugin is an incredibly powerful tool for quickly creating unique arc designs in Figma. Whether you need a few rounded corners or a full-blown rainbow-colored archway, this plugin has you covered.


Using ARC Plugin in Figma is not only easy but also efficient as it allows users to quickly create arcs and rounded corners with various customization options like size and radius adjustment along with adding colors for extra flare. With this powerful tool at their disposal, users can create unique arc designs without much effort.