How Do I Use AutoScript in AutoCAD?

AutoScript is a powerful tool in AutoCAD that allows users to automate repetitive tasks, saving time and effort. By creating scripts, you can perform a series of commands with a single click. In this tutorial, we will explore how to use AutoScript in AutoCAD.

Step 1: Creating a Script File

To start using AutoScript, the first step is to create a script file. This file will contain the commands you want to automate.

You can create this file using any text editor such as Notepad or Notepad++. Save the file with a .scr extension.

Step 2: Writing Commands

Once you have created the script file, you can start writing commands. Each command should be on a new line. For example:

  • LINE
  • P
  • 0,0
  • 100,100

The above commands draw a line from coordinates (0,0) to (100,100). You can write any AutoCAD command in the script file.

Step 3: Running the Script

To run the script, you need to use the SCRIPT command in AutoCAD. Follow these steps:

  1. Type SCRIPT in the command line.
  2. Select the script file you created.
  3. Press Enter to execute the script.

AutoCAD will execute each command in the script file one by one.

Additional Tips:

Making Scripts Interactive:

You can make your scripts interactive by adding prompts for user input. For example:

  • LINE
  • P
  • Specify start point:
  • @0,0
  • Specify end point:
  • @100,100

In the above example, the script prompts the user to specify the start and end points of the line.

Using Variables:

You can also use variables in your scripts to store values. For example:

  • V1=10
  • LINE
  • P
  • @0,0+@V1,V1

    The above script sets the value of V1 to 10 and then uses it to draw a line.


    AutoScript is a powerful tool that can automate repetitive tasks in AutoCAD. By creating script files and writing commands, you can save time and effort. Remember to make your scripts interactive by adding prompts and using variables for increased flexibility.

    With AutoScript, you can streamline your workflow and focus on more important design tasks. Explore its capabilities and unleash its true potential in your AutoCAD projects.