How Do I Use Canva Online Labels?

Canva Online Labels are an incredibly useful tool for anyone looking to create high-quality labels for product packaging, promotional materials, and more. With Canva Online Labels, users can create custom labels that stand out from the crowd and add a professional look to their products.

The process of using Canva Online Labels is fairly straightforward. First, the user needs to select the type of label they want to create.

The available choices are standard labels, custom-size labels, and full-sheet labels. Depending on the type of label chosen, users will be able to customize various aspects such as size, shape, color, text, images, and more.

Once the desired label type has been selected, users are then able to design their own label from scratch or use one of the many templates provided by Canva. The templates come with customizable backgrounds and designs that make it easy to create a professional-looking label in no time at all. After selecting or creating a template, users can then add images or text elements to personalize their design even further.

Users can also utilize Canva’s library of over 1 million stock photos and illustrations to add visual interest to their design. For those who need help designing their label or want more information about how to use Canva Online Labels effectively, there are helpful tutorials available on the site as well.

Once the user is finished designing their label they simply need to export it as a JPEG file or print it out directly from their computer using a compatible printer. The ability to export their designs as JPEG files means that they can save them and share them with others easily via email or social media networks.

In conclusion, Canva Online Labels offer an excellent way for anyone looking for high-quality professional labels without spending too much time or money on them. With its easy-to-use tools and helpful tutorials users can quickly create stunning labels that make any product stand out from the crowd.


Using Canva Online Labels is an easy and affordable way for anyone looking for professional labels for products or promotional materials. With its wide selection of templates and customizable elements users can quickly design attractive labels in no time at all.