How Do I Use Clipper in VRAY Sketchup?

How Do I Use Clipper in VRAY Sketchup?

VRAY Sketchup is a powerful rendering tool that allows you to create stunning visualizations of your 3D models. One of the key features of VRAY Sketchup is the Clipper tool, which enables you to clip or cut through your model to reveal specific sections or views. In this tutorial, we will explore how to use the Clipper tool effectively.

Step 1: Accessing the Clipper Tool

To access the Clipper tool in VRAY Sketchup, you will need to navigate to the VRAY toolbar. If you don’t see the VRAY toolbar, go to ‘View’ -> ‘Toolbars’ and make sure that ‘VRay for SketchUp’ is checked.

Once you have located the VRAY toolbar, click on the ‘Clipper’ button. This will activate the Clipper tool and open up its settings panel.

Step 2: Configuring the Clipper Settings

The Clipper settings panel allows you to control various aspects of how your model will be clipped. Let’s explore some important settings:

Clip Geometry

The ‘Clip Geometry’ section allows you to select which geometry should be affected by the clipping operation. You can choose between clipping everything or selecting specific groups or components.

Clip Mode

The ‘Clip Mode’ determines how your model will be clipped. You can choose between two modes:

  • Plane: This mode allows you to define a clipping plane by specifying its position and orientation in 3D space.
  • Bounding Box: This mode clips your model based on a predefined bounding box. You can adjust the size and position of the bounding box to control what gets clipped.

Clip Color

The ‘Clip Color’ setting allows you to choose the color that will be applied to the clipped sections of your model. This can be useful for highlighting specific areas or creating artistic effects.

Step 3: Applying the Clipper Tool

Once you have configured the Clipper settings according to your requirements, it’s time to apply the tool to your model. Follow these steps:

  1. Select the geometry that you want to clip.
  2. Click on the ‘Apply Clipper’ button in the Clipper settings panel.

After applying the Clipper tool, you will notice that your model has been clipped according to your chosen settings. You can experiment with different configurations and apply multiple clipping operations if needed.

Step 4: Editing and Removing Clipping

If you need to make changes to a clip or remove it entirely, VRAY Sketchup provides convenient options:

  • Edit Clipping Object: To edit an existing clip, simply select it and click on the ‘Edit Clipping Object’ button in the Clipper settings panel. This will allow you to modify its position, orientation, or size.
  • Remove Clipping Object: To remove a clip completely, select it and click on the ‘Remove Clipping Object’ button in the Clipper settings panel.

These options give you flexibility in adjusting your clips as per your project requirements.

In conclusion, using the Clipper tool in VRAY Sketchup can greatly enhance the visual impact of your 3D models. By applying clipping operations, you can reveal specific sections or views, highlight important details, and create visually engaging renderings. Remember to experiment with different settings and have fun exploring the creative possibilities that the Clipper tool offers!