How Do I Use iOS Icons on Canva?

iOS icons are incredibly useful when it comes to designing your own graphics and visuals. They’re eye-catching, recognizable, and can be used to give any project an extra pop of personality. Canva is a great platform for creating custom designs, and with the right know-how, you can make use of iOS icons in your Canva projects too.

The first step to using iOS icons on Canva is to find the icons that you want to use. You can find a variety of free and paid icon sets online, or create your own using an app like Icons8. Once you have selected the icons you want to use, you will need to save them as PNG files so that they are compatible with Canva.

Once your PNG files are ready, open up a new design project in Canva. You can then upload the PNGs directly into the design editor by clicking “upload media” in the left-hand toolbar. Alternatively, you can search through the available media library by typing “iOS” into the search bar.

Now that your iOS icons have been added to your design project, you can begin styling them according to your needs. You can adjust their size, color, shape, and more!

To make sure that your graphics look as professional as possible, it is important to follow Apple’s guidelines for designing with their iOS icon set. This includes making sure that all icon elements are aligned correctly and maintaining consistent proportions.

Finally, when it comes time to export your design project from Canva, make sure that you save it as an SVG file so that it will remain high quality when viewed on different devices. Your iOS icons should now be ready for use in any project!


Using iOS icons on Canva is simple and straightforward once you know how! All it takes is finding or creating the right set of PNGs and uploading them into a new design project in Canva. From there, you can style them according to Apple’s guidelines before exporting them as an SVG file for maximum quality across devices.