How Do I View Figma Prototype on My Phone?

Figma is an online UI/UX design platform that allows users to create and share interactive prototypes, designs, and mockups. It is used by designers, developers, and product teams to collaborate on projects in real-time, making it easier to get feedback and iterate quickly. The platform has many features that make it useful for teams of all sizes along with the ability to view prototypes on mobile devices.

When creating a prototype in Figma, users can generate a link or QR code that can be shared with other users. This link or QR code can be scanned by any smartphone with the Figma mobile app to view the prototype. By scanning the link or QR code, the prototype will open up in the app allowing users to interact with it on their device.

The Figma mobile app also has some great features for viewing prototypes. It allows users to view prototypes as if they were using an actual device.

This means that any changes made in Figma will be reflected on the device as well. This makes it easier for designers to test their prototypes without having to switch between devices or apps.

In addition, the Figma mobile app supports both Android and iOS devices so anyone can view a prototype regardless of what type of device they are using. It also supports multiple languages so it can be used by people around the world.


Viewing a Figma prototype on your phone is easy and convenient. All you need is a link or QR code generated from your Figma project which you can scan with any smartphone running the Figma mobile app.

The app supports both Android and iOS devices and also offers features such as viewing your prototype as if you’re using an actual device. With these features, you can easily view your Figma prototype on your phone at anytime.