How Do I View Files in Figma?

To view files in Figma, you need to understand a few basic concepts. First, Figma is a vector graphics design program.

This means that it is used to create graphics such as logos, illustrations, diagrams, and other visual elements. You can also use it to design user interfaces and websites.

The second concept is how files are viewed in Figma. When you open the program, you are presented with a dashboard that contains all your projects.

From here, you can select a project and then click on the “Files” tab to view the files associated with that project. This will bring up a list of all the different types of files present in that project, such as images, text documents, audio files, etc.

To view an individual file: To view an individual file in Figma, you first need to select it from the list of available files. Once selected, the file will be displayed on the right side of your screen in a new window.

Here you can see all the details about the file including its size and type as well as any comments or notes associated with it. You can also use this window to edit or manipulate the file as needed by adding text or shapes or even changing its color scheme.

To view multiple files at once: In addition to viewing individual files in Figma, you can also view multiple files at once by selecting them from the list of available files and then clicking on the “Multi-view” icon located at the top-right corner of your screen. This will open up a new window where all selected files will be displayed side by side so that you can easily compare them.


Figma is an incredibly powerful vector graphics design program that makes it easy to create stunning graphics quickly and easily. To view your projects’ files in Figma simply select them from the list of available files and then click on either “View” or “Multi-view” depending on whether you want to view one or multiple Files at once. With these simple steps, viewing your projects’ Files in Figma has never been easier!