How Do You Add a Background Color to Text in Canva?

Adding a background color to text in Canva is a great way to showcase important information or draw attention to certain words in your designs. With the right tools, you can quickly and easily add a colorful backdrop to your text in Canva.

Step 1: Select the Text Box Tool. Start by opening the Text Box Tool from the left-hand side of the Canva interface. This will allow you to create a text box with text inside of it, which will form the basis for adding a background color.

Step 2: Add Your Text. Once you’ve opened up the Text Box Tool, simply type out whatever text you’d like to appear behind a backdrop of color. You can also format this text however you’d like — add fonts, adjust sizes, etc.

Step 3: Select Your Color Palette. Next, click on the Color Palette icon located at the top of your canvas page. This will open up all of Canva’s color options, allowing you to pick whichever one works best for your design needs.

Step 4: Choose A Background Color For Your Text Box. Once you’ve selected your desired color palette, click on it and choose one of its colors as a background for your text box — this is what will be used as the backdrop for your text content.

Step 5: Adjust Your Text Box Size To Fit The Background Color. Last but not least, resize or reposition your text box so that it fits inside the background color correctly — make sure there are no gaps or misalignments here!

By following these steps, you can easily add a background color to any text in Canva — it’s simple and straightforward! Whether you want to draw attention to key words or just make sure important information stands out from other elements on your design page, using colored backdrops for text is an easy way to do so without too much effort!

Conclusion: Adding a background color to text in Canva is an easy way to make certain words stand out from other elements on any design page and draw attention exactly where it’s needed most! With just five simple steps — selecting the Text Box Tool, adding your desired words into it, selecting a color palette from Canva’s available options, choosing one of its colors as a backdrop for your box and adjusting its size accordingly — anyone can quickly and easily add colorful backdrops for their texts within moments!