How Do You Add a Chat in Figma?

Adding a chat in Figma is an excellent way to collaborate with team members and share ideas quickly. Chatting allows users to easily communicate concepts, sketches, and other visual assets in an organized manner. Figma makes it easy to add a chat to your designs with its built-in chat feature.

To add a chat in Figma, first open the file that you wish to add the chat to. Once the file is open, select the “Chat” option located at the top right of the page.

Once you have selected “Chat”, a window will appear that will allow you to create a new conversation. Here you can enter both team members as well as external collaborators who will be able to view your design and join conversations.

After all participants have been added, click “Create Conversation” and your new chat will be created. You can now start sharing ideas by typing messages into the text box or adding images or files from other sources. Any changes made during the discussion are automatically updated in real-time so all team members can see them instantly.

In addition to text messaging, Figma also offers collaborative tools such as commenting and drawing tools. This allows users to quickly draw attention to specific elements of their design or comment on any changes they may have made. These features are great for quickly sharing ideas or pointing out errors or improvements.


Adding a chat in Figma is an easy way for teams and collaborators to quickly communicate designs and other visual assets within an organized platform. By using Figma’s built-in messaging feature, users can easily create conversations between both internal team members as well as external collaborators, share images and files from other sources, comment on changes being made, and draw attention to specific elements of their design. All of these features make it easy for teams to collaborate within Figma effectively and efficiently.