How Do You Add a Keyboard to Figma?

Adding a keyboard to Figma is a great way to make the design process easier, faster and more efficient. With the keyboard, you can quickly and easily navigate the interface, create shapes and objects, manipulate layers and elements, select tools, add text and more.

Plus, you can customize your keyboard layout to match your workflow.

When it comes to adding a keyboard to Figma, there are two main options: you can either choose an external physical keyboard or use an on-screen virtual one.

Physical Keyboard
A physical (external) keyboard is an ideal choice for designers who prefer tactile feedback and want to keep their hands off the mouse when creating designs. It’s also great if you’re working in a team environment – everyone can have their own individualized setup with their own physical keyboards.

To connect a physical keyboard to Figma, simply plug it into your computer’s USB port or use a Bluetooth connection (if supported). Once connected, you’ll be able to use all of the keys on the keyboard to control Figma’s tools and functions.

Virtual Keyboard
For those who prefer to keep their hands on the mouse or need more flexibility when customizing keys for specific tasks, then using an on-screen virtual keyboard might be the best option for them.

A virtual keyboard is a software-based solution that gives designers complete control over how they interact with Figma.

Using a virtual keyboaard with Figma is simple – just open up the Keyboard Settings panel in Figma’s preferences menu and start customizing! You’ll be able to assign specific shortcuts for frequently used commands like creating shapes or manipulating layers; set up custom combinations of shortcuts for complex tasks; even add special symbols like emojis or symbols that don’t exist on your physical keyboaard.

Whichever method you choose – physical or virtual – adding a keyboaard will make working with Figma much faster and help maximize your productivity while designing. You’ll also have complete control over how you interact with Figma by customizing your keyboaard layout according to your needs.


: Adding a keyboaard to Figma is an excellent way of making design work faster and easier. Designers can choose between using either an external physical keyboaard or an on-screen virtual one depending on their preference and needs – both are great options that offer full control over how they interact with Figma’s tools and features.