How Do You Add a Layer to Furniture in SketchUp?

Adding layers to furniture in SketchUp can help you organize your model and make it easier to work with. Layers allow you to hide or show different parts of your furniture, making it convenient for detailed editing or presenting your design to clients. In this tutorial, we will explore how you can add layers to furniture in SketchUp, step by step.

Step 1: Select the Furniture

Before adding layers, you need to select the furniture you want to assign a layer to. To do this, use the selection tool by clicking on the desired object. You can select multiple objects by holding down the Shift key while clicking on each item.

Step 2: Access the Layers Window

Once you have selected the furniture, go to the “Window” menu at the top of SketchUp’s interface and click on “Layers” from the drop-down menu. This will open the Layers window.

Step 3: Create a New Layer

In the Layers window, click on the “Add a new layer” button (represented by a plus icon) at the bottom of the window. This will create a new layer.


You can also rename an existing layer by double-clicking on its name in the Layers window and typing in a new name.

Step 4: Assign Objects to Layers

To assign your selected furniture objects to a specific layer, simply click on the layer name under the “Layer” column in the Layers window. The selected objects will be assigned to that layer.


You can assign multiple objects to one layer or distribute them across different layers based on your project requirements.

Step 5: Hide or Show Layers

Now that you have assigned your furniture objects to layers, you can control their visibility. To hide or show a layer, click on the eye icon under the “Visible” column in the Layers window. This will toggle the visibility of the layer and its associated objects.


If you have multiple layers, hiding or showing one layer does not affect other layers’ visibility.

Step 6: Organize Layers

To keep your layers organized, you can rearrange them in the Layers window. To do this, simply click and drag a layer’s name to a new position in the list. This allows you to control which parts of your furniture are visible or hidden first.

Step 7: Edit Objects Within Layers

If you want to edit an object within a specific layer, make sure that layer is visible. To edit an object, select it using the selection tool and perform necessary modifications such as resizing, moving, or applying textures.

Step 8: Delete Layers

If you no longer need a layer in your model, simply select it in the Layers window and click on the “Delete” button (represented by a trash can icon) at the bottom of the window. This will remove the selected layer along with its assigned objects.


Deleting a layer also deletes all objects assigned to that layer.


In conclusion, adding layers to furniture in SketchUp is an efficient way to organize your model and simplify your workflow. By assigning objects to different layers, controlling visibility becomes easy, allowing for focused editing and presentation.

Remember to regularly save your work while working with layers to avoid any accidental loss of data. Now, go ahead and start adding layers to your furniture in SketchUp!