How Do You Add Arrows in Figma?

Adding arrows in Figma is an easy way to spruce up any graphic design project. Arrows can be used to indicate direction, relationships, or simply for decorative purposes. Figma offers a wide range of tools for creating shapes and symbols, making it easy to add arrows to any design.

Using the Rectangle Tool

The easiest way to add arrows in Figma is with the Rectangle Tool. This tool allows you to draw a rectangle with rounded corners and then adjust the size and shape of the arrowhead at each corner.

To start, select the Rectangle Tool from the left-hand menu. Then click and drag on the canvas to create a rectangle with rounded corners. After you have created your rectangle, select the arrowhead icon at each corner and adjust the size and shape of your arrowheads however you’d like.

Using Shapes

Figma also provides a library of pre-made shapes that you can use to quickly create arrows for your designs. To access this library, click on ‘Shapes’ from the left-hand menu.

Here you will find an array of shapes including arrows that can be used for various design needs. Simply drag one of these shapes onto your canvas and adjust its size or shape as necessary. You can also use this library of shapes to customize existing designs by adding arrowheads or other decorations as needed.

Using Symbols

Symbols are another great way to quickly add arrows into your designs in Figma. Symbols are collections of objects that are saved together as one unit so they can be reused throughout different projects without having to recreate them each time. To access symbols, click on ‘Symbols’ from the left-hand menu and select one of the pre-made arrows available in this library or create your own custom symbol containing an arrow object that is ready for use whenever you need it throughout your design projects in Figma.


Adding arrows in Figma is simple and straightforward thanks to its wide range of tools for creating shapes and symbols. Whether you choose to use the Rectangle Tool, Shapes library, or Symbols library – adding arrows into your designs has never been easier!