How Do You Add Numbers in Figma?

Adding numbers in Figma is an important part of designing and editing visuals for a project. It helps to accurately depict the information that needs to be conveyed. Figma is a powerful tool for creating graphics, and the ability to add numerical values can be used to make projects look even more professional.

To add numbers in Figma, first you need to select the object or element that you want to add a number to. When the object is selected, select ‘Number’ from the Properties panel on the right side of the window.

Once this is done, you will see a number field appear in the Properties panel. You can then enter any numerical value into this field and it will automatically be applied to the object or element chosen.

Figma also allows you to use mathematical equations when adding numbers. This gives you more options when it comes to creating visuals with numerical values.

To do this, simply type the equation into the number field in the Properties panel and Figma will calculate it for you automatically. This makes it easy to quickly adjust values without having to manually enter all of them each time.

You can also use variables when adding numbers in Figma. Variables allow you to save a certain value for later use, which can be useful if you are creating multiple visuals with similar numerical values throughout them all.

To add a variable, select ‘Variables’ from the Properties panel and then choose which variable you want from there. This will then apply that variable value whenever it is called upon within your project or graphic design workflows.

Adding numbers in Figma is an essential part of any professional graphic design workflow and should not be overlooked when creating visuals or projects. With its powerful tools and features, it makes adding numerical values extremely easy and efficient so that designers can create high-quality projects quickly and easily.


Adding numbers in Figma is an important part of graphic design workflows as they help accurately depict information within visuals. With its powerful tools and features, Figma makes adding numerical values quick and easy by allowing users to input their own numerical values or use mathematical equations and variables when needed.