How Do You Add Rich Text in Webflow?

Adding rich text to your Webflow website can greatly enhance the visual appeal and readability of your content. With HTML styling elements, you can easily format your text to make it bold, underlined, create lists, and add subheaders. In this tutorial, we will explore how to incorporate these elements into your Webflow project.

Formatting Text

To make specific text stand out, you can use the bold tag. This is especially useful when highlighting key points or important information. For example:

Important: Make sure to save your work regularly.

If you want to emphasize certain words or phrases, you can use the underline tag. This is often used for links or specific terms. Here’s an example:

This feature requires a Premium subscription.

Create Lists

In HTML, you can create unordered lists using the


  • tags. Unordered lists are great for presenting information in a concise and organized manner. Here’s how you can create one:

    • List item 1
    • List item 2
    • List item 3

    You can also create ordered lists using the


    1. tags. Ordered lists are useful when presenting steps or ranking items in a particular order. Here’s an example:

      1. Sign up for an account.
      2. Create a new project.
      3. Add content to your website.

      Add Subheaders

      To create subheaders within your content, you can use the appropriate heading tags such as


      , and so on. Subheaders help break up your text and make it easier for readers to navigate through your content. Here’s an example:

      Step 1: Sign up for an account

      Creating an account is the first step in getting started with Webflow.

      Step 2: Create a new project

      Once you have an account, you can start creating your own projects in Webflow.

      By incorporating these HTML styling elements into your Webflow website, you can create visually engaging and organized content. Experiment with different combinations to find the style that best suits your website’s design.

      Remember to use these elements sparingly and purposefully to avoid overwhelming your readers. Happy styling!