How Do You Add Text in SketchUp Model?

Adding text in a SketchUp model is a useful way to provide annotations, labels, or any other textual information that enhances the overall understanding of your design. In this tutorial, we will explore different methods to add text within your SketchUp model.

Using the Text Tool

The easiest way to add text in SketchUp is by using the Text tool. To access this tool, navigate to the Tools menu or simply press the ‘T’ key on your keyboard. Once you have selected the Text tool, click on a surface where you want to place your text.

Step 1: Select the Text tool from the Tools menu or press ‘T’ on your keyboard.

Step 2: Click on a surface within your SketchUp model where you want to insert text.

Step 3: A Text dialog box will appear. Here, you can enter your desired text along with various formatting options such as font style, size, and alignment.

Step 4: After entering your desired text and formatting options, click ‘Enter’ or ‘Return’ on your keyboard to apply the changes.

Add Underlined Text

If you wish to underline specific parts of your text in SketchUp, you can use HTML tags within the Text dialog box. Simply enclose the desired portion of text inside a tag pair.


In order to underline the word “highlighted” within a sentence, type: This is an example of highlighted text.

Create Bulleted Lists

To create bulleted lists within a SketchUp model’s annotation or label area, you can utilize HTML unordered list tags. Begin by typing

    to start the list, and then use

  • for each list item.


    • List item 1
    • List item 2
    • List item 3

    Add Subheaders

    Subheaders are an effective way to organize your text and make it more readable. In SketchUp, you can use various heading tags such as


    , etc. to create subheaders.


    This is a Subheader

    By utilizing these HTML styling elements, you can easily add visually engaging and organized text within your SketchUp models. Whether it’s adding labels, annotations, or any other textual information, the Text tool combined with proper HTML formatting allows for clear communication of your design intent.