How Do You Align Things in Figma?

Figma is a powerful prototyping and design tool that helps teams collaborate on designs, prototypes, and more. Figma makes it easy to create great-looking designs and presentations quickly, but sometimes it can be difficult to get everything properly aligned. Fortunately, Figma provides several tools to help you align things the way you want them.

Smart Guides are the first step in helping you align elements in Figma. Smart Guides appear automatically when you move an element close to another element or a guideline. These guides will show you how close your element is to being in alignment with another item and will snap your element into place if it’s close enough.

Align Tools are the next step in helping you align elements in Figma. The Align Tools allow you to easily select multiple elements and align them relative to each other or within a frame. You can use the Align Tool’s menu options to quickly center, distribute, or evenly space out elements relative to each other.

Grid Tool is a great way to ensure that elements are properly spaced out within frames. The Grid Tool allows you to create a uniform grid of guidelines that can be used as reference points for alignment and spacing purposes. The Grid Tool also makes it easy to make sure all of your elements are evenly spaced within a frame.

Keyboard Shortcuts, while not strictly related to alignment, can be very helpful for quickly moving objects around on the canvas. With keyboard shortcuts, you can easily move objects up, down, left, right, or any combination thereof with just a few keystrokes.

By utilizing these tools provided by Figma, teams can easily align their designs and presentations just the way they want them. Smart Guides make sure everything is perfectly aligned while Align Tools let teams work together on creating perfect layouts quickly and efficiently. The Grid Tool ensures that everything is spaced out properly while keyboard shortcuts allow users to quickly move objects around without having to take their hands off of their keyboards.


Aligning things in Figma doesn’t have to be difficult thanks to the various tools available such as Smart Guides, Align Tools, Grid Tool, and Keyboard Shortcuts. With these tools combined teams can easily create perfect layouts quickly and efficiently without any headaches.