How Do You Arc in Figma?

Arcing in Figma is a powerful way to create smooth curves and elegant shapes. It is the perfect tool for creating complex designs, from logos to illustrations. Arcing in Figma involves using a combination of the Pen tool and the Arc tool, as well as manipulating nodes and curves.

The Pen tool is used to draw basic shapes and lines.

It can be used to create straight lines, zigzags, and curves. The Pen tool also allows you to manipulate nodes and control the curvature of your lines by adding or subtracting points. This allows you to achieve the exact shape you want, while still having the flexibility to make changes later on if needed.

The Arc tool is used to create arcs, circles, ellipses, and other curved shapes. It is easier than using the Pen tool because it only requires two points – one at each end of the arc – to define its shape. Once these two points are set, you can adjust their curvature by dragging them around on their respective axes.

To arc in Figma:

  • Select the Pen or Arc tool from the Tools panel.
  • Click where you want the start point of your arc to be.
  • Click where you want the end point of your arc to be.
  • Adjust both points until you have achieved your desired shape.

Tips for Arcing in Figma:

  • Use keyboard shortcuts such as Ctrl + Z (undo) or Ctrl + Y (redo) if needed.
  • Remember that arcs can also be created with more than two points.
  • If you need more control over your arcs try using Bezier curves instead of arcs.



Arcing in Figma is a great way to create complex shapes quickly and easily. With a combination of tools like the Pen and Arc tools along with manipulating nodes and curves, it’s easy to make precise adjustments until you get just the right shape.

Using keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl + Z or Ctrl + Y can help speed up your workflow as well.