How Do You Block a Car in AutoCAD?

In this tutorial, we will learn how to block a car in AutoCAD. Blocking a car involves creating a 2D representation of the car using basic shapes and lines.

This is useful when you want to add cars to your architectural or mechanical drawings. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Create the Car Body

First, we need to create the body of the car. We will use the Rectangle tool for this.

Click on the Rectangle tool in the toolbar or type ‘REC’ in the command line and press Enter. Specify two points to define the opposite corners of the rectangle. This will be the main shape of our car.


  • Use Ortho mode: Press F8 or click on Ortho in the status bar to enable Ortho mode. This helps you draw straight lines horizontally or vertically.
  • Specify dimensions: You can also specify the dimensions of the rectangle by typing them in manually after selecting the first point.

Once you have created the body of your car, you can use various tools like Trim, Extend, and Fillet to modify it according to your design requirements.

Step 2: Add Wheels

A car is incomplete without wheels! We will use circles to represent wheels.

Select the Circle tool from the toolbar or type ‘CIRCLE’ in the command line and press Enter. Specify a center point for each wheel and its radius.


  • Use Object Snap: Press F3 or click on Object Snap in the status bar to enable Object Snap mode. This helps you accurately place your circles at specific points like endpoints, midpoints, or centers of other objects.
  • Copy and paste: Once you have created one wheel, you can use the Copy and Paste commands to quickly create the remaining wheels.

Make sure to position the wheels at appropriate locations relative to the car body. You can also use the Move command to adjust their positions if needed.

Step 3: Add Details

To make our car more realistic, we can add details like windows, doors, headlights, and a grille. We will use lines and other basic shapes for this purpose.


  • Use Layers: Create separate layers for different parts of the car and assign appropriate colors and linetypes. This helps in better organization and editing of your drawing.
  • Group objects: Select related objects and use the Group command to group them together. This allows you to move or edit multiple objects as a single unit.

You can also experiment with different AutoCAD tools like Hatch, Gradient, or Dimension tools to further enhance your car drawing.


In this tutorial, we have learned how to block a car in AutoCAD using basic shapes, lines, circles, and other tools. By following these steps and using various techniques available in AutoCAD, you can create detailed car blocks for your architectural or mechanical drawings.

Remember to practice regularly to improve your skills. Happy designing!