How Do You Blur a Shape on Canva?

In Canva, you can blur a shape or object to draw attention to a particular area on the page. Blurring a shape can make it look more dynamic and add a unique element of design to your project. Whether you’re creating an eye-catching graphic or designing a presentation, blurring shapes in Canva can help you create an interesting and visually appealing piece.

To begin, open the Canva project you’d like to work with and select the shape or object you wish to blur.

You’ll find the blur option under the ‘Effects’ tab located on the left-hand side of your screen. When you click on this tab, a selection of blurring options will appear for you to choose from such as ‘Soft Blur’, ‘Radial Blur’ and ‘Motion Blur’. Select the one that best suits your design needs.

Once selected, adjust the intensity slider until you reach your desired level of blur – this is where experimentation comes in! You can also try playing around with different sizes and shapes of blur – for example, if you want to create an abstract background image, use larger blurred shapes that overlap each other. You can also use smaller blurs to soften certain elements or bring focus to certain areas.

When working with text objects such as titles, subtitles or body copy, blurring them slightly will give them a softer look while still maintaining their legibility. To do this simply select your text object and then click on the ‘Text Effects’ tab located just beneath it. Here you will find several options for adding effects such as drop shadows, outlines and glows.

Canva offers a variety of tools to help users create beautiful designs quickly and easily. Blurring shapes is one such technique that allows users to add depth and interest while drawing attention to certain areas within their design. To blur shapes in Canva simply select the shape or object you wish to blur, select an effect from the ‘Effects’ tab then adjust the intensity slider until you reach your desired level of blur!