How Do You Change the View in Figma?

Figma is an incredibly powerful design tool that has revolutionized the way designers create and collaborate. It has a range of features that allow users to quickly and easily create stunning visuals, from mockups to production-ready prototypes.

One of the most useful features of Figma is the ability to change the view. This feature allows designers to quickly switch between different points of view, such as wireframe, design, and prototype.

By default, when you open a Figma file, it will be in Design view. This view gives you access to all your layers and objects in a visual way.

You can move, resize, and edit objects as needed with this view. For more advanced designs, Wireframe view can be used to focus on the structure of the page without worrying about colors and other aesthetics. It also helps designers better visualize how content will be laid out on a page or app.

For further refinement and review of your designs, Prototype mode is available in Figma. Prototype mode allows users to preview how their design would look like when interacted with by end-users. This mode also enables users to link different elements together so that they can create user flows or animations in their designs.

Finally, there’s Presentation mode which provides a full-screen presentation experience for your design projects. This mode can be used to present your project directly from within Figma or share it with a team for review purposes.

Changing views in Figma is done by simply clicking on the relevant tab (Design/Wireframe/Prototype/Presentation) located at the top left area of the interface window. Depending on what you’re working on at any given moment, switching between these views can significantly improve your workflow efficiency as well as help you achieve better results in terms of accuracy and quality of design output.


Figma’s ability to change the view provides designers with great flexibility when creating their designs as it allows them to easily switch between different points of view such as wireframe, design, prototype or presentation mode with just one click! With this feature, designers are able to quickly achieve better results with increased accuracy and quality in their output.