How Do You Convert Figma to React Code?

Figma is an online design tool that has become increasingly popular among developers and designers alike. It offers a wide range of features and capabilities, making it a great choice for creating user interfaces for web and mobile apps.

However, many developers are now looking for ways to convert Figma designs into React code, as this can make the development process much faster and easier.

The first step in converting Figma designs to React code is to export the design from Figma in either SVG or PNG format. This will allow you to get an image of the design that you can then use as the basis for your React component. Once you have the image file, you will need to use a tool such as SVGR or React-svgr to convert it into React code.

Once you have the converted file, you can start adding styling to your component using CSS or styled components. Styled components are popular among developers as they are easy to use and offer many powerful features such as dynamic styling, theming support and responsive design. If you are not familiar with styled components, there are plenty of tutorials available online which can help get you started.

Another important step in converting Figma designs into React code is ensuring that all elements of the design are accessible and easy for users to interact with. This includes ensuring that buttons have labels associated with them so that users know what each button does. It also means making sure that text fields have appropriate input validations so that users don’t enter invalid data.

Finally, once you have completed creating your component in React code, it’s important to test it thoroughly before deploying it on production sites. Testing should include unit tests which verify individual pieces of functionality within your component work correctly; integration tests which verify how different components within your application interact with each other; and performance tests which measure how quickly your component responds when different inputs are given.


Converting Figma designs into React code isn’t a difficult process but does require some planning and preparation beforehand. By exporting designs from Figma in SVG or PNG format, using SVG tools like SVGR or React-svgr to convert them into React code, adding styling using CSS or styled components, making sure all elements of the design are accessible for users, and testing thoroughly before deployment – developers can easily convert their Figma designs into production-ready React code.