How Do You Copy a Prototype in Figma?

Prototypes are a great way to show off the functionality of your product and get user feedback. Figma is a powerful design tool that allows you to quickly create and share prototypes with your team.

But if you’re working on multiple projects, or need to make adjustments to a prototype that’s already in use, it can be helpful to copy the existing prototype and make changes on the new version. Fortunately, Figma makes copying a prototype easy.

The first step in copying a prototype in Figma is to open the file containing the original prototype. Once you have selected the file, click on the “Prototype” tab at the top of the left-hand side panel. This will open up all of the frames and elements that are associated with your prototype.

Next, select “Duplicate Prototype” from the Prototype tab menu. This will create a copy of your original prototype with all of its frames and elements intact. You can then rename this new version as needed.

Now that you have created a duplicate version of your prototype, you can begin making changes as needed. To do this, simply select any element or frame from within your duplicate version and edit it as desired. You can also add or delete elements from your duplicate version if necessary.

Finally, once you are finished making changes to your duplicate version, you can save it by clicking “Save Changes” in the top right corner of Figma. This will save all of your modifications so that they will be available for others to view or use if necessary.

Conclusion: Copying a prototype in Figma is simple and straightforward process that only takes a few steps. By selecting “Duplicate Prototype” from within the Prototype tab menu, users can quickly create an exact copy of an existing prototype and make any desired modifications before saving it for others to view or use.