How Do You Copy and Paste in Place in Figma?

Copy and Paste in Place is a handy feature available on Figma, the popular cloud-based design platform. It allows you to quickly transfer entire objects or frames from one place to another within your design project. This makes it easy to move elements around and create new compositions without having to recreate designs from scratch.

To use Copy and Paste in Place, first select the object or frame that you want to copy. You can do this by dragging your mouse over the item or using the selection tool. Once highlighted, right click on the selection and select “Copy” from the menu.

The item will now be stored in your clipboard, ready to be pasted in place.

Next, move your cursor to where you want the copied item to go and right click again. This time, select “Paste in Place” from the menu instead of just “Paste”. This will put the copied object exactly where you want it—no need for extra adjustments!

If you need to make further changes to an element that has been pasted in place, you can do so by selecting it again with either your mouse or the selection tool. Right clicking will then give you access to further editing options such as resizing and rotating the element.

Copy and Paste in Place is an incredibly useful feature for anyone who needs to move elements around quickly within their Figma project.


Copy and Paste in Place is a great tool found on Figma which makes it easy for designers and developers alike to move elements around within their projects with minimal effort. To use Copy and Paste In Place, simply select an object or frame with either your mouse or selection tool, right click on it, choose “Copy” from the menu, then navigate where you want it placed and right click again choosing “Paste In Place” instead of just “Paste”.