How Do You Create a Design System With Design Tokens in Figma?

A design system is a set of components and guidelines used to create a consistent user interface. It allows developers to easily create their own designs without having to reinvent the wheel each time and provides consistency across different platforms. Design tokens are one of the key components of a design system, providing an easy way to store and share data such as colors, typography, spacing, and more.

Using Figma, designers can easily create design tokens that are easy to access across projects. By setting up your design tokens in Figma, you can ensure that all of your projects maintain the same look and feel. Here is how you can create a design system using design tokens in Figma:

Step 1: Create a token library with all the necessary elements for your project. This includes colors, typography, spacing, icons, buttons and more. You can also add custom elements like brand logos or specific imagery if needed.

Step 2: Set up your design tokens so they are consistent across all projects. You can use Figma’s built-in token editor to quickly adjust the values of each element as needed. This will ensure that all projects maintain the same look and feel throughout their development life cycle.

Step 3: Share your tokens with other team members so they have easy access to them when creating new designs or making changes to existing ones. You can do this by using Figma’s sharing features or by exporting your library as a JSON file for use in other applications.

Step 4: Keep track of which changes have been made to your library over time so you can easily roll back any changes if needed. This will help ensure that everyone is working from the same set of data when developing designs for different platforms or applications.


By creating a token library in Figma and setting up consistent values for each element, you can quickly create a design system with design tokens that can be used across multiple platforms or applications with ease. Keeping track of changes over time will ensure that everyone is working from the same set of data when developing designs for different projects or platforms.