How Do You Create a Scroll in Figma?

Creating a scroll in Figma is possible by using the Scroll Component feature. This feature allows you to create a scrollable area within your design, or a scrolling item within your design.

The ability to create a scroll inside of Figma can be used to make mobile and web designs more user friendly and interactive.

To create a scroll in Figma, the first step is to select the Scroll Component from the Components tab on the left side of the Figma interface. Once selected, you can then customize the settings for your scroll.

You can choose what type of scrolling item you would like to create, such as an image gallery or a text box. You can also customize how many items should fit inside your scroll, and how they should be displayed.

Once you have chosen all of the settings for your scroll, it’s time to style it. To style your scroll in Figma, simply click on it and then use the Styles tab on the right side of the interface. Here, you’ll find options for styling different aspects of your scroll such as fonts, colors, borders, backgrounds, shadows and more.

After styling your scroll in Figma, you can then preview it by clicking on the Preview button at the top of the page. This will allow you to see what your design looks like when viewed from different devices or browsers. You can also use this feature to test out any interactions that you’ve added such as hover states or animations.


Creating a scroll in Figma is an easy way to make mobile and web designs more user friendly and interactive. To do so all that needs to be done is selecting Scroll Component from Components tab on left side of interface and customizing settings followed by styling options available with Styles tab at right side of interface & finally previewing work with Preview button at top of page.