How Do You Create a Sheet in AutoCAD?

Creating a Sheet in AutoCAD

AutoCAD is a powerful software widely used for creating detailed designs and drawings. One important aspect of working with AutoCAD is creating sheets to organize and present your drawings effectively. In this tutorial, we will guide you through the steps to create a sheet in AutoCAD.

Step 1: Open AutoCAD

To begin, open the AutoCAD software on your computer. You can either double-click the desktop icon or access it from the start menu.

Step 2: Set Up Drawing Units

Before creating a sheet, it’s important to set up the drawing units according to your requirements. This ensures that your drawings are accurately scaled. To set up drawing units, follow these steps:

1. Click on the “Application” button at the top-left corner of the AutoCAD window.
This will open a drop-down menu with various options.

2. From the drop-down menu, click on “Drawing Utilities”.
A new menu will appear with additional options.

3. Select “Units” from the “Drawing Utilities” menu.
A dialog box will open where you can specify your desired units such as inches, millimeters, or feet.

Step 3: Create a New Sheet

Now that you have set up your drawing units, let’s move on to creating a new sheet:

1. Type “layout” in the command line and press Enter.
This will open the layout tab where you can create and manage sheets. Click on the “+” icon next to “Layouts”.
This expands the layouts section and displays all existing sheets. Right-click on an existing sheet and select “New Layout”.
A new sheet will be created, and you can give it a name by double-clicking on the default name.

Step 4: Customize the Sheet

Now that you have created a new sheet, it’s time to customize it according to your requirements. Here are some common customization options:

1. Adjust the Page Setup:
To modify the page setup of your sheet, right-click on the sheet name and select “Page Setup Manager”. From here, you can change settings like paper size, plot style, and orientation. Add Viewports:
Viewports allow you to display different views of your drawing on a single sheet. To add viewports, use the “Viewport” tool from the layout tab. Insert Title Block:
A title block provides important information about the drawing such as project name, author, and revision details. To insert a title block, use the “Insert” command and browse for the title block file.

Step 5: Save and Print

Once you have customized your sheet according to your requirements, don’t forget to save your work. You can save it by clicking on the “Save” icon in the AutoCAD toolbar or by using the “Save” command.

When it’s time to print your sheet, go to the “Print” option in AutoCAD and select your desired printer settings. Make sure to preview your print before proceeding to ensure that everything is aligned properly.

  • To summarize:
  • Open AutoCAD
  • Set up drawing units
  • Create a new sheet
  • Customize the sheet
  • Save and print


Creating a sheet in AutoCAD is an essential skill for any designer or engineer. By following the steps outlined in this tutorial, you can create organized and professional-looking sheets to present your drawings effectively.

Remember to customize your sheets according to your requirements and always save your work. Happy designing!