How Do You Cut Frames in Figma?

Figma is the ultimate design tool for creating interactive prototypes and designs. It’s a free, user-friendly, and powerful vector editor that allows you to quickly create designs for websites, mobile apps, and more.

In addition to being versatile, Figma also has powerful features such as layers, grids, styles, and frames. One of the most useful features in Figma is the ability to cut frames.

Cutting frames in Figma is easy and straightforward. To start, select the frame you want to cut from your Figma project.

Then click on the Cut Frame icon on the top toolbar. This will open a window where you can choose how many rows and columns you want to cut your frame into.

Once you have selected your rows and columns, click on the Cut button to divide your frame into separate pieces. Each piece will be saved as an individual frame with its own layer structure. You can then use these frames in any way you like — change their size or color or move them around as needed.

In addition to cutting frames in Figma, there are other ways of dividing them up as well. You can use Auto Layout to automatically adjust frames based on their content or align them relative to each other using guides or grids.

You can also use style overrides to quickly change the look of all elements within a frame — this includes changing colors, fonts, line widths, etc.

Using these features together makes it easy for designers to create complex designs that look great on different devices and screen sizes. With Figma’s cutting tools and style overrides, creating complex layouts with ease is not just possible — it’s easy.


Cutting frames in Figma is a quick and easy process that makes it simple for designers to create complex layouts with ease. By selecting a frame from your project and then clicking on the Cut Frame icon in the top toolbar, you can easily divide it into multiple pieces which can then be further customized using style overrides or Auto Layout tools.

With these features at your disposal, creating beautiful designs has never been easier!