How Do You Deform Text in Figma?

Text deformation is a process of manipulating text in Figma to create a unique look and feel. By using the different tools, techniques, and features available in Figma, users can quickly and easily achieve a variety of text deformations.

One of the most common ways to deform text in Figma is through the use of scaling, skewing, and rotating tools. These tools allow users to adjust the size of individual letters or words and change the angle of lettering to create a unique look.

The scaling tool allows you to change the size of individual letters or words by dragging handles around them. The skewing tool similarly allows you to adjust the angle of lettering by dragging handles around them. The rotating tool allows you to rotate an entire word or phrase at once.

Another way to deform text in Figma is through font manipulation. Users can select different fonts for their project and make adjustments such as bolding, italicizing, underlining, or changing the font size.

These changes will affect both individual words as well as entire phrases and sentences. Font manipulation is often used when creating logos or other types of graphic designs where a unique look needs to be achieved.

Figma also offers tools for creating 3D effects with text such as extruding and embossing. Extrusion involves taking a flat layer of text and pushing it outwards from its original position, creating a 3D effect that stands out from its surroundings.

Embossing involves applying pressure on an area of text so that it appears raised above its surroundings. Both effects can be used in combination with other deformations such as scaling, skewing, and rotating to create even more interesting results.

Finally, Figma’s masking feature can be used to create some interesting results with text deformation too. Masking allows users to clip part of their layer so that it appears cut off from its original shape or form. This can be used on both images and texts layers alike to create some truly unique deformation effects.

In conclusion, there are many ways that users can deform text in Figma using various tools like scaling, skewing, rotating, font manipulation, extrusion & embossing as well as masking features provided by the software itself which makes it easy for anyone regardless of their experience level with design software.How Do You Deform Text in Figma? Deforming text in Figma requires knowledge about various tools like scaling & skewing along with font manipulation techniques & masking features available within the software itself which enable users to quickly achieve various desired results depending on their project needs & requirements.