How Do You Detach All Components in Figma?

Figma is an amazing design tool for creating user interfaces, illustrations, and prototypes. It is used by professionals around the world to create beautiful designs and visuals.

One of the main features of Figma is its ability to quickly and easily detach components from one another. This allows designers to customize their designs in a way that would not be possible with other design tools.

The process of detaching components in Figma starts by selecting the component you want to detach. To do this, simply click on the component and drag it away from the other components in your design.

You can also use the “Shift” key on your keyboard to select multiple components at once. Once you have selected the component or components you wish to detach, you can use the “Detach” command from the toolbar or press “Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + D” on your keyboard to separate them from each other.

Once components have been detached, they become individual elements that can be moved, resized, and customized as needed. This is a great way for designers to quickly make changes to their designs without having to completely redo all of their work. Additionally, detaching components also makes it much easier for designers to share their work with others as they can easily isolate specific elements for collaboration.

Figma’s ability to quickly and easily detach components makes it a great design tool for professionals who need flexibility when creating visuals. It allows designers to customize their designs while still keeping them organized and manageable.

In addition, it makes sharing designs with others much easier as it allows users to isolate specific elements for collaboration.


Detaching components in Figma is a quick and easy process that helps designers maintain flexibility when creating visuals or collaborating with others. All that needs to be done is selecting the component or multiple components one wishes to detach then using either “Detach” command from toolbar or “Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + D” on keyboard which will then separate them from each other allowing users more control over their designs while also making collaboration easier.