How Do You Do a Scroll Overlay in Figma?

Creating an overlay with scrollable content in Figma is an effective way to create a user-friendly design. It allows users to move through a page quickly, without having to scroll down manually.

There are several different ways to go about this, depending on the type of design you’re creating.

The simplest and easiest way to do this is by using the ‘Overlay’ component in Figma. This component allows you to create a container that covers the entire canvas.

This container can then be used as an overlay and any content within it can be easily scrolled with the mouse wheel or trackpad. To use this component, simply select it from the Components panel and drag it onto your canvas.

Another way to add scrollable content in Figma is by using a frame or group of frames. You can set up these frames so that they are scrollable when placed inside an overlay component.

To do this, select your frame or group of frames and then click on the ‘Scroll’ option in the Properties panel. This will enable scrolling for any content within that frame.

The last option for creating a scrollable overlay in Figma is to use a Scroll Component. This component can be found in the Components panel and when placed on your canvas it will automatically create a scrollable area for any content placed within it. You can also customize the speed of scrolling by adjusting its settings in the Properties panel.


Creating a scrollable overlay in Figma is fairly straightforward and there are several different methods available depending on your needs. The Overlay component is probably the easiest method as it covers the entire canvas with one click and enables scrolling with just a few clicks more.

Frames and groups of frames can also be used but require more setup time as they must first be set up as scrollable before being placed inside an Overlay component. Finally, Scroll components offer more customization options when creating an overlay with scrolling content but require additional setup time compared to other methods.