How Do You Do an Interaction on Figma?

Figma is a powerful design tool for teams to collaborate and create digital products together. It’s like having Photoshop, Sketch, and Illustrator all rolled into one.

With Figma, designers can create complex designs, prototypes, and even animatics quickly and easily. Plus, Figma’s real-time collaboration features make it easy for teams to work together in real-time on designs.

Interactions are an important part of any design project. They help designers communicate their vision to viewers and create a better user experience.

In Figma, interactions are created using the Interactions Panel. This panel is located in the right-hand side of the interface and contains all the tools needed to create animations, transitions, and other interactive effects.

Using Interactions Panel

To create an interaction in Figma, users need to open the Interactions Panel from the right side of their workspace. The panel contains several tools and options that can be used to customize the interaction. Users can select from a variety of pre-built animations or create their own custom animations by setting keyframes for each element in the design.

Adding Animations

Once users have selected an animation from the Interactions Panel they can then customize it by adding additional elements such as triggers and states. Triggers determine when an animation will start while states control how elements move or change during an animation.

Creating Custom Transitions

In addition to using pre-built animations, users can also create their own custom transitions using Figma’s Transition Editor. This editor allows users to customize how elements move or change during a transition by setting keyframes for each element in the design.

Sharing Interactions

Once users have finished creating their interaction they can then share it with other members of their team so they can review and edit it as needed. To do this they need to click on ‘Share’ from within Figma’s main menu which will open up a dialog box where users can enter emails for each person that should be invited to collaborate on the project.

In conclusion, interacting on Figma is a great way for teams to collaborate on designs quickly and efficiently. By leveraging its powerful tools like the Interactions Panel, Transition Editor, and Share feature teams are able to quickly create complex interactions that bring their designs to life.


How Do You Do an Interaction on Figma? To do an interaction on Figma you need to open up the Interaction Panel from the right side of your workspace which contains all of the tools you need like pre-built animations or creating custom transitions using Figmas Transition Editor as well as sharing your interactions with other members of your team through its Share feature.