How Do You Do Connector Lines in Figma?

Connector lines are powerful tools that allow designers to create precise and visually appealing designs in Figma. They are used to indicate relationships between different elements, such as text, images, and shapes.

Connector lines can be used to join two or more objects together, making them look like they are connected in a meaningful way. They also help designers create a consistent visual theme throughout their design project.

Figma’s connector line tool allows users to quickly and easily draw lines between elements. The tool is simple to use, allowing users to select the type of line they want from a dropdown menu.

Users can then adjust the line’s attributes such as color, thickness, line type (dotted or solid), and other properties. The connector line tool also allows users to draw curved lines or arrows for added precision.

Creating Connector Lines:

To create a connector line in Figma, start by selecting the two objects that you want to connect. You can then click on the ‘line’ tool located in the left-hand side toolbar.

This will open up a menu where you can choose different types of lines such as arrows or curves. Once you’ve chosen your desired line type, you can adjust its properties such as its color and thickness.

Adding labels:

Labels are useful when creating complex connector lines in Figma. Labels allow users to provide additional information about their design elements and give viewers more context when looking at a design.

To add labels to your connector lines in Figma, simply select the ‘label’ tool located in the left-hand side toolbar and enter your desired text into the box. You can then adjust the font size and color of your labels if desired.


Connecting objects with elegant connector lines is an important part of creating visually appealing designs in Figma. The connector line tool makes it easy for users to draw precise and meaningful connections between design elements with just a few simple clicks.

Additionally, labels can be added for further clarity when creating complex connector lines. With this powerful tool at their disposal, designers can quickly create stunning visuals with ease!