How Do You Do Different Styles in SketchUp?

In SketchUp, you can create stunning 3D models and designs with ease. One of the features that makes SketchUp so versatile is its ability to apply different styles to your models.

Whether you want to create a realistic rendering or a simplified sketch, SketchUp has got you covered. In this tutorial, we will explore how to do different styles in SketchUp, including bold text, underlined text, lists, and subheaders.

Bold Text

If you want to emphasize certain words or phrases in your SketchUp tutorial or model description, using bold text is a great way to do it. To make text bold in HTML, simply surround the desired text with the tags. For example:

This is an example of bold text in SketchUp.

Underlined Text

In addition to bold text, you can also use underlined text to draw attention to specific information in your SketchUp tutorial. To underline text in HTML, wrap the desired text with the tags. Here’s an example:

This is an example of underlined text in SketchUp.


When explaining step-by-step processes or listing important points in your SketchUp tutorial, using lists can help organize information and make it easier for readers to follow along. In HTML, you can create unordered lists using the


  • tags. Here’s an example:

    • List item 1
    • List item 2
    • List item 3


    To divide your tutorial into sections or highlight key points, incorporating subheaders is essential. HTML offers various heading tags, such as


    , and so on, to create subheaders with different levels of importance. Here’s an example of using subheaders:

    Subheader 1

    This is the content under Subheader 1.

    Subheader 2

    This is the content under Subheader 2.

    Subheader 3

    This is the content under Subheader 3.

    By utilizing these HTML styling elements in your SketchUp tutorials, you can create visually engaging and well-structured content. Whether you want to highlight important information, provide clear instructions, or organize your tutorial into sections, these elements will help you make your SketchUp tutorials more effective and enjoyable for your readers.